My Food Profile

Your Food Profile lets you rank food and beverage likes, dislikes and allergies, and even dietary restrictions.

Along with those of other invited Guests, it can then be matched against Accommodating Table® recipes to come up with meals tailor-made to everyone’s dietary restrictions AND dining preferences.

If you eat Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Nut-free, Vegan or Vegetarian, you can simply click the box next to any or all of these categories at the top of the Food Profile. Your Food Profile will automatically reflect your dietary restrictions.

To rank individual food and beverage items, click on a category to open it. As you’ll see, each food and beverage items is ranked “Like It” by default. Change the ranking to “Dislike It” or “Allergic” by clicking the appropriate icon.

When finished, click SUBMIT PROFILE.

Good news – no need to complete a new Food Profile every time a Host adds you to their Guestbook! Your profile will automatically be shared with them if they use the email you registered with. And, any changes you make to your Food Profile will automatically update across the site.